Robert Tamara Photography | About
Landscape Photography is tough. You’re dependent upon the weather; it’s ever changing light. Many parameters change constantly and yet that’s exactly why Landscape Photography is so interesting. It is passion that drives you every time again, to take the effort to go out.

Inspired by the right light, finding the colors and detail and framing it in a way that ‘s misleading to the viewer. The question to ask here is, what is it that I am looking at? It’s beautiful, it’s colorful, but I don’t see what it is?

When you ask yourself these questions, as a photographer I have achieved my goal. You should be puzzled, even when it is only for that brief moment.

Only then you are willing to take a second look or maybe even a third, with some time in between.

The next thing is aesthetics, without it, the picture is not worth looking at. It is an essential part of my creation. I will take the opportunity to highlight certain parts of the landscape, exaggerate the natural conditions, to focus your attention, but never unnatural. The natural landscape is already beautiful; it is to be left unspoiled.

Robert Tamara Photography